Why Investing is so Darn Hard !

9-2-14 from USA Today:


Morgan Stanley: “3000 on S&P 500 real possibility”

(That’s 50% higher than today!)


From CNBC 9-12-14:


Marc Faber’s investment strategy: ‘Only lose 50%’


Wall Street Journal 9-5-14:


“The Case for Sticking With Stocks—No Matter the Price”


Wall Street Journal 9-12-14:


Charlie Munger says ” I have not bought a stock in two years” … too expensive


This is why we never go ALL in/out …. note headlines are from a whopping 10 day period of time!!

Have a Great Monday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Because these opinions are so opposite, someone is likely to be correct … making the others COMPLETELY wrong …. Care to Guess ?? … Never all in/out !

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  1. Cliff Brunette

    What ?? Investing isn’t that hard …. I call 1(800)621-5547. Hahaha

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