Constantly Improving …. John Invited on Panel Discussion

In an either moving forward or backward world (very difficult to just stand still) we were recently honored with an invitation to a discussion for over two hours with the top brass of our most important vendor.

Panelist in Voice of Client Discussion

We choose our vendors very carefully and are not bound in any way to a specific company. Recently we were reminded why our most important vendor, the Institutional Division of TDAmeritrade is our choice, and a golden one at that.

With a very large group (see picture) of the top folks from the Institutional side of our vendor, three planning professionals, including myself, were asked to give our opinions on what could be improved, air ANY complaints on ANY subject (GUTSY … ), and compliments as well (notice the compliments were last … continually improving.)

10-3-14 JK at TD Roundtable

John, middle, in the stuffy suit

After two hours of a very rewarding conversation and constructive criticism (not a gripe session) including direct questions from the top brass, I was reminded what a class organization our vendor is and their constant goal of improvement.

Constant improvement and superior service, align with our goals, and confirms our relationship with our vendor. We will continue to help serve YOU, the client, in a top echelon manner….. Many thanks for the invite guys … 

Later we learned this was the first such discussion, my bet is this will continue yearly from now on … Constantly Improving!

Have a Great Columbus Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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  1. Wanda Sanders

    CONGRATS !!! You made us all proud!

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