On the Road Again/Still … Black Ice Investing Con’t

Being from Texas, Willie Nelson, became a favorite as a kid. If you know Willie, you know “On the Road Again” … and I am/still, in a state near the coast on the wonderful East Coast time. I will be back in the saddle Sunday night.On the Road Again Willie

Black Ice Investing

Not surprisingly, as mentioned in our Newsletter and Quarterly Performance cover letter, we may be entering a period of Black Ice Investing.

So far large company markets have pulled back about  6%, erasing most of the gains for the year. Most all other asset classes have been in the red for some time. Oddly their little brother small companies, who we spoke of here, and have been in the red for some time, appear to be getting their feet under them and moving higher …. hmmm … maybe little brother was the canary in the coal mine on this one. Time will tell!

We are watching EVERY MOVE and may be opportunistic as our possible theme appears to be playing out.

Have a Great Day and a Super Weekend !

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