That’s a Wrap … After Fourteen Weeks, Social Security and Medicare Review Complete

My how time flies when you are having fun. Just after the Client Social Security and Medicare event was complete, happily we confirmed the audio did record.

The wish was to bring concise targeted ideas on each subject.

We were successful as there were a total of fourteen ideas that surfaced, seven from both Social Security and Medicare!

Favorite Social Security Finding

My personal favorite was the let it ride technique, but each post helped my knowledge about the possibilities and the endless multiple scenario options.

Best Medicare Finding

In listening to the audio over and over in order to cut it from fire hydrant to gushing garden hose, I was most pleasantly surprised on the very specific web directives on the Medicare Parts.

Social Security and Medicare

Must have been the speed of the event (Tom talks fast), I did not even remember the secret web sites mentioned during the actual event.

Tom  … Thanks so much, we look forward to having you again and thanks for the offer for help on specific complicated cases in the future, we will take you up on it!

Have a great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA CFP

PS: The Audio will remain for some time here for Social and here for Medicare
PSS: As promised in the most recent Newsletter, our NEXT newsletter will include a Social/Medicare review as well
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