Thanks to all !! … Santa Rally ? … TGIF …

Thanks to EVERYONE who attended the Holiday Party. What a fantastic group!  Catering to private policy rules, we are trying to figure out how to post a few pictures, without violation … stay tuned … we can of course post of ourselves.2014 Santa JP

Santa Rally ?

From here until mid January marks one of the seasonally strongest times of the year. We have attempted to take advantage of the gift energy prices may be offering. Of course there are no guarantees.


Post party we always have a little less zig in our zags.  With Cathy fighting a light illness, Donald getting his feet back under him, I think speaking for the group in saying TGIF is appropriate!

Not to worry … with bells on next week!!!

Enjoy your weekend as the festivities REALLY get going … Be Safe and remember to spend time with those special in your life!

Cheers and Happy Holiday Season!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS Newsletter is underway … exciting stuff … yaa yaa Nerds!
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  2. Sandy…No worry at all, we missed you, but completely understand. At least we did not have ice/snow this year..haha
    I am out next week back early the following.

    Have a VERY wonderful holiday season !


  3. John, I am sorry I missed the party. I always enjoy the people, camaraderie, and of course; you. Had to tie connections between late flights and my 3 yr old nephew. I would have brought him but he doesn’t like Santa. Are u working during the next few weeks? If not, have a blessed holiday. My Holiday wishes to Your family and Cathy.

    Sent from my iPhone Sandy


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