Important IRS Fraud Letter … The “5071C” Letter … Take this letter Seriously

As you most likely know, fraud has been on the rise, especially cyber fraud. With information traveling through cyberspace and some of it falling into the wrong hands, the new Bonnie and Clyde is cyber fraud.

The IRS 5071C Letter- Do Not Ignore It

The IRS is sending out a letter titled 5071C. This letter is to identify you and very possibly means you are part of an IRS fraud attempt. Needless to say do not ignore this letter. thief

Here is the link to the IRS website concerning this letter.

Here are a couple of tips:

  1. Act Quickly, while this may be no big deal, something has triggered this correspondence.
  2. Call the number on your letter first, our contacts are hearing that is a faster process, expect an extended wait.
  3. Try the internet link provided in the letter if you cannot get through, but make certain the link ends in .gov … you guessed it, there are fraudulent fraud letters floating out there in an attempt to gather your information.
  4. Most likely hold off on filing your taxes until you get this cleared as an electronic rejection is very probable, confirm this once contact is made with the IRS.
  5. Always be careful to validate your sources before sending or releasing any of your personal information.

Sorry for these types of updates, but unfortunately this is the world we live in … it is better than “Hands Up!”

Have a Great Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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