Good bye “Official” Tax Season … One More Request from us … Friday !

Whew…. it’s officially over…. yaa there will be extension filings (myself included), but for the most part we are DONE !!!!Goodbye

A Request From Us

Before you toss that tax return in the file to collect dust, until next year or maybe longer … PLEASE DO US A FAVOR … Send us a copy.

Taxes and Wills/Estate documents are our most used items.  We review both frequently. With the changing tax laws and certainly more to come, a base line of where we are today is super. If we have your return we can plan better and you will not have to dash to that file if a copy is needed…we can quickly access it electronically!

Thanks very much to most who we already have a copy, but those few who we do not … SEND US A COPY !!!!!

Friday … Spring Friday

Due to the afore-mentioned tax season, Cathy has been off for the last couple of days … Well Done Cathy!!

Next week is back to normal as we are in the midst of earnings seasons (AKA 90 day treadmill) AHHHH….but that is next week..

Enjoy your Friday and your weekend with those special in your life. Talk to you next week !

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8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

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