Confidence … What Confidence? And less Hope?? …. Wait a Minute

Consumer spending currently makes up over two-thirds of GDP.  A happy confident consumer means good things to US economy in the form of growth/consumption.

Consumer Confidence Wanes

We watch the economic numbers closely, maybe too close at times.

While not sure why, the latest readings from the Conference Board (7/28/15)  were very weak.

7-28-15 Consumer Confidence

And future expectations/hope on the Economy were weak too!


7-28-15 Consumer Hope

Wait a minute, gas is cheap, the weather is good for the most part across the country, employment is up, interest rates are low, banks are lending, home prices are rising … Did they get an extra amount of grumpy callers on this survey?  We think it may be possible!

Fortunately there is a very similar reading, called the Michigan Consumer Sentiment, due out Friday …

Just in case it was not a one time incident, we are watching closely !

Have a Great Wednesday !

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

PS If this is from the latest MINOR market pull back — well … let’s hope not!
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What are your thoughts ??

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