Some really good news about the USA – A Positive Monday

With the MANY presidential political machines rolling you will most likely hear, just how bad we are as a country. Let’s shed some light on Revenues and expenditures –think Social Security, Medicare and future funding needs.

Two Charts from Scott Grannis

Red Line is spending and Blue, revenues … We like the late 2000’s especially when there was a surplus- for the long-term benefit of the country. The great recession of 07-09 knocked revenues down dramatically as many taxable activities slowed.

US Revenues V Spending

While the blue line-revenues is not crossing currently, it sure is headed in the correct direction. When told how BAD we are– recalling this chart may put things into perspective.

How about the Source of Revenues?

US Revenue Breakout

Have a Positive Monday!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP
8222 Douglas Ave # 590
Dallas, TX 75225

What are your thoughts ??

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