Seasonal Choppy Markets — Newsletter Preview —

This week we finish Quarter three of 2015, some might say with a bang … some might say a bust. While we are not huge fans of seasonality or rhyming trends — sometimes the facts are just the facts and we have to yield to history.

The last several weeks of September and October “historically” are rocky times for capital markets. So far, this trend has played out again this year, which may mean choppy waters into October (FYI -the final full quarter is “seasonally”  the best.)History Repeats

This is of course a small speed bump in the long run plan to prosperity, but since we may see it on the horizon, we wanted to warn anyway! We have been warned — buckle up !

Newsletter Preview

With an editor who has been on the road — the newsletter took form a bit earlier in the quarter than usual –

  • Inheritance Facts, Figures and thoughts
  • Energy Sector update
  • When NOT to file an insurance claim- full article
  • Great market updated thoughts and a peek inside some of the items we watch – lots of graphs to help visually explain

There is even more coming soon in the Newsletter – We look forward to sharing soon!

Have a Great Monday !

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