Our Most Popular Video EVER – Happy Thanksgiving

Last year a day before Thanksgiving, with the best intentions and kids out of school, a Thanksgiving video was attempted-to include the afore mentioned  “On Holiday” kids as well.

Sometimes the best intentions go wrong, sometimes they work, and sometimes they turn out pretty funny. This video is raw, uncut, and my intent at having a fun Thanksgiving day video for every one happened accidentally.

Today Pierce has less hair and more teeth. Sophia is used to her ears being pierced, and is much taller. Their sense of humor is the same –

Knowing that the sequel is rarely as good, here is the original video from last year, hope you enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving !!!!


Welcome to our most popular video ever, of course its non-financial, which is fine by us …. hope you and yours have a very … HAPPY THANKSGIVING !

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  1. Just watched this. Very cute and funny!

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