Thoughts from Former CIA, NSA Director – General Michael Hayden

If the resume wasn’t impressive enough, some of the actual experiences General Michael Hayden shared during a recent conference were incredible.Michael_Hayden,_CIA_official_portrait

“Cold War, Cuban Missile crisis, Checkpoint Charlie, Defcon  3 over Soviet Nuclear weapons in October of 73”  these times were more dangerous according to General Hayden  …. “Today is more complicated!”

The  70 year old, Pittsburg, PA born General was certain our next major threat would not be in his words “of State” but from cyber threats.

It makes sense as technology is available to all, and unfortunately all are not friendly. It was very comforting for a General to have such a strong awareness and concern for this.

General Hayden also mentioned an obvious, but often forgotten fact that when countries get in a state of stress, they often distract with aggression.

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John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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