Funny Spring Break Credit Card Story … Well Kinda

No sooner did the plane take off for the afore mentioned travels and spring break, than ANOTHER swiper gained access to my credit card information.

Card Information Stolen AGAIN

Those long time followers know this is a recurring theme (attempting to find the leak in my travel system as it is a repeated routine travel…story for another time) .. Just after my lunch appointment over the weekend, the charges began. Two small charges with one large Finish hotel and a healthy luggage charge after …

Due to the frequency of this problem, an email for every charge is sent immediately to a non-business email account which is checked regularly. The charges were found within a few hours with the credit card company already suspicious of the luggage charge but had cleared the fancy Finish Hotel Charge… All were easily reversed and no damage was incurred, only the mild inconvenience of getting a new card and setting up new auto drafts. (Sorry Cathy!)

Just by chance a quick search revealed the very posh hotel (dead giveaway from my card spending habits… sorry I digress)  in Finland along with an email for information. With the credit card closed, an email was sent by myself to the Hotel … never expecting to receive a response.

Surprise .. the manager of the hotel responded the next morning, graciously and asked for more details … Will let you know the outcome if more information is received …. Someone may have gotten a very interesting surprise !

New Vault In Action

Maybe I should thank the swiper as an article was born for the Newsletter! Immediately after the event, our NEW VAULT was put into greater action as all other credit cards, Drivers License, and Health Insurance cards were added — with immediate instructions to the Mrs. on how to access, from virtually any device (especially easy on an phone) … Very handy !

Guess anything can be a learning experience – look for more information in the coming Newsletter — Thanks swiper for the idea !

John A. Kvale

PS The office can tell about when the restlessness occurs…. ! haha

PSS Couldn’t make it a week without posting – hope you enjoy!!
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