Technology Wonder Travels – Friday

Sitting in an airport, several hours early (yaya – nerd planner) mid week, the technological wonders smacked me over the head:20160608_134745191_iOS

  • To my right a gentleman closes a contract for some type of weapons (lots of bullet talk)
  • Directly in front a woman runs her office computer and checks in
  • On the left, a gentleman runs a conference call with a bunch of folks on it- very productive
  • To my back, multiple kids on their device, and a mom face timing her family too- amazing
  • For me- other than a tad bit of slower connection via the tethered phone (spoiled by office speed) virtually present in the office

Everyone completely productive and in touch — not possible 10 years ago… AMAZING!

Interestingly, 10 laptops and only one tablet…. definitely a working group again – mid week!


After two heavy articles this week … How about a light Friday ?

Next week OIL talk!!!

But that is next week … enjoy your weekend!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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