Our Most Popular Video Ever – Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

Sometimes the best efforts turn out bad, and sometimes they just turn out darn funny. A few Thanksgivings ago, the latter occurred.

For a guaranteed chuckle …2 minutes of fun….the 1.45 minute mark is where patience is lost….



Giving Thanks

As mentioned in our Monday post, I have a special reason to be thankful. Last year an injury in my neck made the Holiday season less than spectacular.  Not only was the conference mentioned, tough to make for the day, the 20th Annual Holiday Party, just a few days later – same as last year, ended with extreme pain in my arm from just shaking hands. With major surgery an option, a full recovery without, is more reason for Thanks!

This year, a special Thanks, and with a vivid memory of last…. Thanks for just being 100% Healthy and Happy! (Sometimes it is easy to forget how just feeling normal is good!)

Happy Thanksgiving and start to the Holidays !



J.K. Financial, Inc.

John, Cathy and Donald

2 responses to “Our Most Popular Video Ever – Happy Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

  1. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving. We will drive to Kerrville on Sunday afternoon for a few days visit with Frank and Betty.


  2. Another outstanding holiday party!! Really enjoyed the star attractions, namely Isaac and Asher. Happy Thanksgiving to all from the proud Dad and GrandDad!!


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