Tax and Tax Forms Update, Missing Basis Reminder ….Tax Fraud Update….

While the IRS mandated earlier reporting of W-2’s from employers (End of January versus February) there has been no change on investment related reporting forms.

Tax Form Update

Most but not all 1099’s are now available as of yesterday…. YEAAA … If you have contacted us already, we will be adding your tax form to your personal vault, emailing you a soft copy of your tax form or sending to your tax professional as requested…. glad to help. A paper statement will be snail mailed to everyone even if you only use electronic correspondence for everything.4911abd2-4b9c-408a-a953-d805a2ea9c1a-9907-0000085a4bc97ada_tmp

Reach out to Cathy at if you wish to have us send you a soft copy of your form!

Not all 1099’s are complete…. deep breath for those ready to go but without forms, they will be here soon!

Corrected forms have been less prevalent over the last few years, hopefully not jinxing ourselves this time! Even with less corrections, we do recommend holding off on filing your taxes at least until the first correction.

Missing Basis-Non Reported Cost

Most, but not all investments have basis included in your personal 1099. We will be mailing those without basis information an internal report that will make your reporting much easier AND lower your tax burden. We have your basis and it needs to be reported to save us tax dollars.

As a reminder, every investment we have has a basis, DO NOT ALLOW A ZERO TO BE INPUT AS A BASIS, THAT WILL COST US TAX DOLLARS!

Tax Fraud Update

In our small sample size, we are finding that those who have had fraud related issues in prior years, tend to have a higher chance of repeat offenses (Rats…sorry but it is true.) Keep your eyes and ears open for suspicious activity, especially if you have had tax fraud related issues before.

Given the above fact, if you have had fraud related issues with your taxes, go ahead and begin working on your taxes…. we may even want to file before the corrected 1099 comes out. The IRS is moving faster to prevent fraud, we will too !!

Ahhh….today is a Friday …. enjoy your weekend … What a beautiful week we have had here in Texas for February!!!!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

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