Cyber Safety Lesson from a recent Virus “WannaCry”

On Friday May 12, 2017 of last week, a Malware Virus was unleashed that rendered  problems across the international globe. While not the first Virus of it’s kind, this is the most recent.

What can we learn? …… Something important!

WannaCry Virus

“WannaCry”, the odd name of this most recent virus has spread to an estimated 230k machines.  Once infected, your nice machine turns mean and asks you to deposit $300 into a bitcoin account or else deletes your files.

The ransom is doubled to $600 after three days if not paid, allowed another three days, and then if not paid, the files are supposed to be deleted.

Created by the NSA- accidentally lost

According to this NPR report the WannaCry virus was created by the NSA (National Security Agency) against many computer companies wishes, shelved for later use or research, then stolen from the NSA by a hacker.

Not withstanding the coincidence associated with an agency who’s purpose is Security, losing its own files there is an important lesson to be learned. Here is another good article from Wharton.

Lesson learned- Download those updatesWindows Update

The WannaCry virus was completely blocked by a patch from Microsoft several months ago.

The only systems affected at this time are older systems that did not do their regular updates or very old outdated systems that did not have updates.

The picture above taken was from the machine used to make this post.

Make sure you are doing your updates, either manually or automatically and do not use outdated software that does not have updates!

This certainly does not guarantee an infection free future for our machines, but at least it may stop the easy access !

Have a Great “Computer Virus Free” Day!

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