SpaceX Falcon Heavy Launch … Innovator or Disrupter — Elon Musk Part 2 of 3 …

Whew… we had great feedback from Part 1 of Elon Musk and Tesla …Thanks for all the great comments…

Break In – We just had to add yesterdays launch of the SpaceX Heavy Lift off-

Pay special attention to Elon’s Tesla coming out of the shuttle at the 25 minute mark AND the incredible rockets landing on a targeted pad at the 30 minute mark … fast forward if you do not have time for the entire video, the rocket landing is INCREDIBLE ! And yes, that is a David Bowie song playing when they begin orbit!



Here is Part 2 for your Viewing!

Tesla Part 2 -rise-of-tesla-part-2-infographic

Have a Great “Innovative Tesla” Day!

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