Monica’s Last Day Friday – But Wait? Hello Jen – The Whole Story

After 11 years with Cathy at the pilot position, saying goodbye to Monica after only 5 months feels like a revolving door at our office –

HOLD on just a second!

The Rest of The Story

Early in the year, Cathy gave us ample notice of her intent to retire (we are happy to report she is doing GREAT – enjoying every day away from the city streets!)

Through our contacts we began a search for Cathy’s replacement – to no avail!

About a two weeks before Cathy’s intended retirement we offered Jen Hill the job, but with an extra little household, she could not start until this fall, when all would be in school.

At that moment we had decided to struggle through the summer and just “Make it” until the end of summer.

Enter Monica!

Days before Cathy was to retire, we luckily found Monica – those that have met or spoke to her, understand the meaning of luckily.

Honoring our word, but knowing there was a fair amount of runway, this is the first announcement of how these events occurred.

Monica and Jen

This week Monica is training Jen and to see the two of them smile, chuckle, share the systems is wonderful – Was very nervous at the start of the week. All good!

Good News!

Feeling so lucky to have Monica over the summer, word was spread of her fantastic abilities and attitude –

We are very happy  to report a friend in the industry, luckily scooped her up in literally a seamless transition, as even her new office is about one block from ours!

Regular Lunch Catch-Ups for sure – She promises to be at the Holiday Party too!

It’s weird how in such a tight job market, we run into two great wonderful people to pilot the ship!

We will introduce Jen in the future, but today’s stage is a thank you to Monica – it’s been so great to work with you – We will miss you!

Have a Great “The Rest of the Story Day”

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