Mother Nature FLEXES her Muscles – High Deductible Pre-View – Friday

With a crew that absolutely loves the outdoors – beach, mountain, desert … heck they might even like a rainforest (never been with the whole gang.) Mother Nature has an influence on our lives.

Mother Nature FlexesHurricane -tropical-cyclone-63124__480

We wish the best for those in the mighty Mother’s path. With the most visible storm making landfall to our friends on the mid eastern coast line, and one of our far west states/islands are also dealing with her muscle flexing….

Safe wishes to all!

High Deductible Preview

Next week we continue our found series (PLUP, Emergency Fund-) with the last depending part, the High Deductible. Thanks for all the responses, we have greatly enjoyed sharing and will have full versions in the coming Q4 Newsletter.

Of course it’s a Tennis weekend, but long time followers will be surprised to know this weekend unusually includes little Brother in a Sunday match while older sister watches and gives important advice…..

Today is a Friday, enjoy your day and the weekend .. be safe and talk to you next week!

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