Holiday Hosting Party and Dinner Tricks to Avoid – Not to be negative, but we keep Experiencing these! Warning!

We are pretty positive folks…

If a high road can be taken, we usually go that way …

Hey – mistakes happen – but repetition has us gun shy …

First time – shame on me – second time … well you get the drift …

Due to our travels and fun Holiday Season we are continually exposed to Holiday Party Tricks – so here are warnings for items that we keep experiencing!pink-wine-1964457__480

Wine year change — It is almost inevitable, at some dinner over the Holiday’s your favorite wine will be out of stock … only to be substituded by a similar year from the establishment – hey that is fine, but year vintage differ GREATLY in cost – not to be a jerk, but it might be worth a question if the replacement year is the same cost –

True story from a super wine coniseaour friend – there is an element of permanent bait and switch that occurs occasionally  – even in more established placed – the stakes can be very profitable, but unfortunate, sadly sour upon consumer discovery…. Confirm the year you order is delivered – similar to above, your favorite wine will likely price change dramatically from year to year!

Speaking of Wine or other beverages as well — Get clear before you throw the party – Does an open bottle mean a consumed bottle ? Sometimes, yes, and other times no … worth the review… One drink bottles equaling full cost can be … well costly!

Watch the Tip – Is it included in a small party? – six plus party is normal for gratuity – but less so these days – we still run into the small party tip included, but not easily seen occasionally – with a blank line for a duplicate or double tip – Don’t bite !

Hope you enjoy the Holidays and hope these reminders keep a few extra bucks in your pocket!

Have a Great “Holiday Party Trick” Reminder day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.

What are your thoughts ??

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