Memorial Day Holiday – An Honor to you – THANK YOU for what you have created for the rest of us!

As the years accumulate on the date of birth card, a greater appreciation for those that provide the wonderful world we live in now due to their services!

Several years ago at our annual holiday party, a relative happen to make it to the party from way out of town who was also in the Military. His acknowledgement was made of the Military Service presence and a large round of applause occurred for his service … much to his surprise and much to our collective surprise, compliment, and happiness…. unexpectedly nice and supportive …

What follows are a few pictures snapped over the last year that may serve as a small bit of the appreciation we all have for those in the service and especially the fallen… NOT NEAR ENOUGH of course …


This pictures snapped last year this weekend from a local jogging trail — very cool!


This picture does not show it well, due to a bad photographer…. but there were literally hundreds of posters, the most revealing thing was the youth of those fallen!




John A. Kvale CFA, CFP



What are your thoughts ??

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