Quarterly Estimated Tax Reminder … Payment Due Next Monday – Travels Next Week – Happy Fathers Day Weekend

For those of you that need to pay in estimated taxes, this is your friendly reminder…

Payment Due Dates
You can pay all of your estimated tax by April 15, 2019, or
in four equal amounts by the dates shown below.
1st payment …………….. April 15, 2019
2nd payment ……………. June 17, 2019
3rd payment …………….. Sept. 16, 2019
4th payment …………….. Jan. 15, 2020*

Quarterly Estimated Tax Payment Reminder

Here is the link to IRS Publication 1040 ES  – which has EVERYTHING you need to file your ES payment!

Here is the ES payment coupon due Monday June 17, 2019:

2019 Payment Voucher 2 due June 17 2019

Here is where to send the ES Payments:

2019 Where to File ES Payments


State Income Tax filers, you may also need to file a similar report as the above is for Federal Only Income Tax filers…

Break In:

At 10:40, about ten minutes after this post hits your in box, the fourteen year old will play in the Consolation Finals (5th or 6th place) see next note – Nice Father’s Day Gift!

Happy Father’s Day Weekend!


Post Tennis Travels

This week, the largest Texas Tennis Tournament of the Year occurred in a small and people-crushed into, West Texas Town (with VERY bad internet- I digress) … 984 players (not including parents) squashing themselves on courts, grocery stores, restaurants, and any place that was available… EVERYONE … present party included, GLAD TO BE THERE AS LONG AS POSSIBLE … AS IT IS WIN OR GO HOME …. next week, the family is happily off for a quick break in a quiet place before the next tournament which is more normal … a long Weekend  (summer brings the most tournaments of the year).

Always lightly tethered electronically!

Talk to you next week – thanks for your time!

Have a Great “Quarterly ES Reminder” Day!

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Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
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