Part 4 Social Security Comments … Hopping a Hurricane for Summer’s Second Looong Tennis Tournament – Friday

Hope you enjoyed the mid-week Social Security post audio and coverage around it. Thought it very interesting that an increase in Social Security full retirement age would likely do no good for a total Social Security savings/cost standpoint. Seems very frequently there is some public banter about raising the Social Security age to save future Social Security expenses.

You heard is here, from Clark the expert, that is just not the case!

Tennis TravelsSophia Serve Grand Slam

Mid-week it was brought to my attention that hurricane Barry was barreling north towards the US coast line from the Gulf – must’ve had the head in the sand … some reason thought it was in the Pacific.

No matter, today the 14-year-old tennis player and I take off to hop the hurricane for the summer’s second long tournament. Clay is much different than Hard courts, but she has played on it before – In true win or go home fashion,  winning begets the opportunity to play for a full week!

Thank goodness for technology and frequent flyer miles.


Ahhhh …. but I digress … today is a Friday, smack dab in the middle of the summer – it’s getting hot here … but that’s summer isn’t it?

Stay cool!

Have a great day, talk to you remotely next week!

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