Make that the Sixteenth Hundredth Thirty Second (1632 – Gotta be Kidding? Nope) Original Posts! Neat Stats

Yes, you are reading our 1632 – Sixteenth Hundredth Thirty Second Post!

It started pretty rough….

The First Post, well the first several hundred, were REALLY hard …


Lots of writers block…

Fear of mistakes (more fun comments on these often and proving originality) …

Typos and Grammar mistakes (still happens, but hopefully less frequently haha)…

Did anyone even want to hear from us? ….

Slowly we honed the subject matter…

We drifted away from areas of no control (Big Predictions) …

Eventually we listened and learned from you guys, for subject matters and length (What’s on your mind = keep em short and sweet) …

Today we relish every post …

The number of regular followers and readers steadily grows…

We feel like we are one big family ….

And have the confidence to say we are adding value too … after 30+ years in the industry (we know your time is at a premium)….

Some Neat Stats

The Red Area represents views from that area of the world, pretty good global reach….

Who new Alaska would be such a follower… Thanks guys!

12-29-19 All Time Stats and Insights ‹ $treet-¢ents — WordPress

More Fun Stats

Top 10 Countries… Well Represented Globally!

12-29-19 Top 10 Countries


Sure, Google, or some other major sites do this in less than an hour…

Honestly, that’s not our goal, we want to add Value to you guys, clients, friends, family and regular followers….

Maybe it’s like a private, but public, club?

We have grown to enjoy writing, even though we are more Math Geeks….

Thanks for your comments, taking a moment to read, and for your ideas on topics!

Have a Happy “Surprising Statistics” Last Post of the Decade Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.





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