A Positive Friday … Many to Take Note Of – Preview Tips for those with Kids that May Need to Work from Home

There’s no doubt that the virus is serious and certainly causing great disruptions across the workforce, the world, and of course the United States.

But on a glass half full Friday, we wanted to mention some positives!

Positives Garnered from the Recent Week(s)Unity hands-1939895_1280

As a glass half full person, and firm for that matter, it is very nice to see our US Citizens and fellow residents, plan, gather and follow instructions, in order to help knock this out as fast as possible.

It’s also neat to see our Government work together swiftly and in unity to lead in a common goal of relief and extinguish.

It’s also interesting, enlightening, and very positive, to see the worlds countries loosely come together and share information, knowledge, and for that matter funding, to help extinguish this threat.

Lastly … pat yourself on the back,  you have just passed through many interesting unique statistics, which will not be shared at this time as it may be a distraction, but after the dust settles, a full analysis will be reviewed for all of our knowledge, recollection, and future preparations!

This will pass, and while it may seem an impossible mountain, I hope that once we are finished with this, much of the positives that are occurring at this moment can continue forward.

Preview of Working From Home Tips for Kids

We know many of you may be faced with children or young adults doing school work from home. Long time followers know that the 15-year-old traveling Tennis Player is in year two working 100% online from home, airplane, coffee shop, or basically wherever. As such, has granted an interview, in part for her 12-year-old brother who is about to have the same process.

We look forward to sharing her thoughts soon!

Have a Great “Positive Friday” Day!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.
A Dallas Texas based fee only
Financial Planning Total Wealth
Management firm.



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