Recovery Rebates Are Out … Tracking Site – IF (?) You Want to Check on Status … Another Sharing Post

Yesterday we were introduced to the IRS website that allows tracking of your Recovery Rebate

Feel free to share with all, due to the headcount size of this Rebate, there are certain to be numerous problems and backlogs i.e. The faster fixed the better!

Recovery Rebates Commence

Originally we were under the impression the $1200 Recovery Rebates were due near the end of April or early May…. 

Good news… with a sampling of just under 20 people yesterday, the Recovery Rebates are out!

If you think you are due a rebate and have electronic instructions on file, we suggest you check your bank account first to see if there was a deposit yesterday!

If you did not, or are uncertain if you are receiving a Rebate… you may check the attached website…. BE CAREFUL … make sure you link to the correct site as it will ask for a Social, DOB, address and zip… all of which in bad hands can cause trouble… 

Here is the site.

Normally we would hot link to this site, but we do not want your browser to accidentally grab the incorrect information or someone jump in front of our link.

Make sure you are on the correct site… looks like this…. note the web address

IRS Recovery Rebate Site

Again, with about a 20 person sample (we know, small but wanting to get this to you fast fast fast) we had a 20% problem rate. All problems were due to bad bank instructions on file.

Again, be careful…but if you have troubles, it may be worth checking as there are certain to be a backlog of problems causing delays in the future!

Have a Great “Recovery Rebate Check” Day!

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Here is the site from the IRS

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