Recovery Rebate Website Finder Updated – Where’s My Rebate?

Long time followers know posts usually occur on M-W-F, but in an effort to get updates to you guys quickly and share information, deviations have occurred ….

On Thursday of last week while helping several people determine if they were due a rebate AND where might it have gone…. a message announcing a three day shutdown for upgrades occurred.

Good News on the other side!

Recovery Rebate Website has been Updated

Sunday, late morning, an email was received from the IRS announcing that indeed the three day shutdown was for an update.

Checking a handful of folks that had not received their rebate, multiple, but not all were now showing a more descriptive explanation of where and how they would be receiving their rebate.

Here is the direct website…again be careful as included in the email from the IRS were multiple warnings about fraud…

Here is a screen shot to make sure you are going to the correct website…. bad guys would love you to enter your confidential info… make sure the site you see, looks like this:

IRS Recovery Rebate Site

Have a Great “Found My Recovery Rebate” Day!

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