New Acceptance of Virtual Pivot … 98% Want to Work at Least SOME Time Remotely … Friday … Heads Up Office Travels Next Week

Hope you liked the midweek, more futuristic post here about the Satellite constellation that looks to bring half of the dark side of the planet into Cell coverage…

In an “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” preview, wait until you see the research coming soon on healthcare and dominating the coming Newsletter… amazing… Digressing…haha

The Pivot to Virtual has Long Term Desire

Here in this post earlier we spoke of how fast Virtual Became Reality…

Not surprisingly, many are fond of the new situation….

Check the stat… 98% interested in some type of “Work From Home” Presence …. some good reasons as well…

Tail Winds for our Homes …. Head Winds for Our Landlords of Office Space …

From our Friends at Visual Capitalist


Likely a blend of sorts when this is behind us… YES it will be behind us eventually… wait till you see what is coming from our Virtual Research… soon more here and dominated in the Newsletter!

Ahhh…. today is a Friday, in what felt like a more normal (busy) week, albeit most days from home … and out of the office…..

Next week Jen heads to the mountains for some fresh air and much deserved VACA … those few that have called may know she can easily remotely answer the office phone as we are still Phase 1 in our building. Next week she enjoys the mountains uninterrupted…

I will also be out of the office and out of town at the end of next week, but will be tethered electronically !

Enjoy your weekend! Thanks for listening!

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