Newsletter Preview, Meet Peter Diamandis, Again … Friday

Way back in 2015, just after a conference on the West Coast after first meeting  Peter Diamandis, we wrote about our fantastic encounter here, here and here …..

(It’s really neat to have a living Diary of sorts that we can look back on these prior writings… digressing!)

Fast Forward to today and our coming Q 3 Newsletter

Peter Diamandis Newsletter Preview

Peter Diamandis

Here is his resume …. stunning

Peter H. Diamandis, MD
Founder/Exec-Chairman, XPRIZE Foundation –
Co-Founder, Co-Chairman, Planetary Resources, Inc. –
Exec. Chairman, Singularity Univ. –
Co-Founder, Vice-Chairman, Human Longevity Inc. – www.HumanLongevity.comCo-Founder/Board Member Covaxx – www.covaxx.comCo-Founder/Board Member Celularity –

Not only that, but he has founded 22 companies and counting….. not sure when he sleeps…

Here is a taste of what to expect next week…

The Human Race has a singular enemy- Never Before has there been unity across the globe to find a cure – Between 100-200 million professionals are working on a cure. Peter estimates that not only will a cure be discovered, but many multiple cures will be discovered due to the collective minds across the globe. 

Tease… tease… but rest assured good stuff!

Maybe should have called it Positive Friday…… but you get the gist…

Ahhhhh… but it is a Friday and that means … a few days of rest, make the best of them, stay safe and be well!

More details from Peter next week, likely even a multi part series.

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