Traveling Update, Are We Traveling Yet? TSA Throughput Update and General Thoughts on Travels from the Field

Just after The United States started limiting travel we Luckily stumbled across TSA throughput which measures air travelers going through TSA checkpoints.

Here is a link to our prior four articles … and with an intent of updating for our collective review every 30 to 60 days we accidentally let this one go 78 days.

First the 2020 numbers noting the dramatic drop-off and then the continued increase. It appears that we are somewhat leveling off and it will be very interesting to see what this looks like as we head into the fall and winter season. On the one hand every day gets us closer to a cure and on the other hand the cold and flu season may cause some to limit their travel.

Here is a more telling chart which shows the difference from last year and this year, while we’re far from back to the norm we are continuing to gain strength and once again it will be interesting to see how long it takes us to get back to the 2019 numbers.

In talking to friends, colleagues, and clients, the general business traveler seems to be ready to travel approximately spring of next year, and many have traveled this year, for the record but with a few exceptions, all felt safe and had good experiences, especially on flights with no center seat seating.

Have a Great “TSA Updated” Day!

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