Happy New Year – 2021 … Random Observations from Last Year – Some Serious, Some Funny …. All True!

Happy New Year !

Hello 2021 !

These observations, collected throughout the year … were intended for Wednesday of this week, but with the new Stimulus Bill being approved, and action items associated with it, that post took precedent and these were moved to today…. making for a heavier post than intended.

We wanted to get them to you before we get too far from last year.

Items we’ve learned last year…

Our hair, when uncut, gets very fluffy

Negative information is much easier to find than positive

Extended mask wearing can cause the ears to hurt

On-line school sounds fun and cool, but can be REALLY hard for many

Confinement causes the days of the week to blur

We are people that like to interact with other people

Still don’t understand the rush to Toilet paper

While technology is great, it doesn’t replace human personal service and touch

My hearing is not near as good and I thought

Casual is more casual now (Happily!)

Capital Markets can move faster than previously thought

I like seeing people’s smile’s

A big hug from a friend is irreplaceable

Fear and greed can change fast

I like traveling, especially by plane

A small house can feel really small when everyone is confined to it

Pets are one of the biggest beneficiary of lockdowns

It’s fun to not shave every day

The office doesn’t have to be that big

Outdoor chairs are invaluable

Slowing down and embracing and enjoying the moment is very rewarding

Getting away on vacation or the like helps relieve stress

Masks are like socks – the either disappear or congregate all together- but not in your car, where you really need them

Sweats can be dressy too

Big flatscreen TVs can be invaluable

I read lips a lot more than I thought

Baseball hats hide disorder

Even after months of mandatory mask wearing, you will still forget and have to walk back to the car

You really can do a lot of different exercises with dumb bells and a soft floor

A good Laptop is invaluable

Thank goodness for streaming services

Going out to eat at a Restaurant is more fun than we thought

There you have it…. thoughts collected in 2020 – So long year!

Have a Great “Thoughts from the Year” Day and Happy New Year!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



What are your thoughts ??

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