Consolidated Misc 1099’s Are Posted, Only One Week to First Corrected ‘s … Auto and Tech Collaboration Pre-View

As mentioned here, the all encompassing 1099 Misc Tax form posted to our Vaults last Friday afternoon … Expect good ole fashion paper versions to eventually make their way to our collective mailboxes…

We say eventually as the postal service is struggling with consistent delivery as mentioned here, and our continued experience as well. We actually received a Holiday Card last week that was post marked early December … not sure what happened, but it seems to continue.

Recall the 1099 Misc is a summary of all taxable investments, reported from all asset classes. Due to the multiple party reporting, there are frequently “Corrected” 1099 Misc forms as any one asset having a restatement mandates a completely new form.

Good News, next week will be our first Corrected Run and we should have a good idea of total correction quantities based on the first correction…. In years past we have had from almost everyone getting a correction, in which we ask everyone to hold off on filing until the next corrected run, to in most recent years only a handful of corrections, which gives us a soft green light to those ready to file sooner!

Auto Tech Collaboration Pre-View

Not sure if you have caught wind of this yet, but there has been a sudden partnering of Tech Companies with Auto manufacturers in somewhat hurried fashion …. We have taken note … the partnerships are occurring with heavy duty name brands and likewise Tech titans….

Look for more on this soon…. maybe later this week if we do not get another good Part II Capital Market Valuation chart…

Hope your team won last night…..

Have a Great “1099’s are here” Day!

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