BREAK IN: Confusing Tax Due Dates – Q1 2021 ES Payments Due Next Week – A Few Clean Up Corrections … You Guys are Tough … Masters Weekend … Friday

BREAK IN – Q1 2021 ES Tax Payments are Due Next Week

Oh boy, let the confusion begin … Just when you thought the tax due dates could not get more confusing… The following hit my inbox this week!

What this means is that Quarterly Q 1 ES 2021 (Income, interest, wages – anything you need to make a tax payment for) are due Next Thursday!

So, if you are scheduled to make ES payments for one reason or another, while Fed and State returns have been delayed, that ES Payment is still due next week!

As a reminder, use the mail at your own risk, we STRONGLY suggest you upload a payment at this IRS website!

Now back to our regular scheduled funny Friday Post!

Thanks so much for reading our posts…. we really do work hard on them…

Confession time for those who may have glanced over the father’s name of the Beverly Hillbillies in our Mineral Reminder Post… Jed, not Jud…. thanks to the MANY and counting who happily pointed out my mistake, you were really paying attention and also took time to humorously rib me – Well Done to you all!

I now know how to get a rise from you guys!

Secondly and more importantly, one of the links to the Social Security Website in our Social Security Post had a typo sending you to the Military service not Social Security… oops… is the correct site.

It has been corrected in the post, but in order for you to receive it in your inbox/phone/device, I wanted to repeat here!

Ahh… Today is a Friday, heading into a Masters Weekend… ya ya the whole family are Tennis Players, but Golf Scholarships help get this one through College!

Enjoy your early Spring, Masters Friday and Weekend!

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