2.5 days down 177.5 to go, Traffic Back , Break in the Heat , Friday

Not sure about you guys getting kids to school, but everyone I know after the first week always says and thinks “Not sure how we’re going to make it” as it’s a crazy first week… only 177.5 more to go……. OUCH … We all do make it of course … but once again the crazy first week at least at our Homestead did not let us down in the form of busyness.

The Are Back

With the aforementioned local university also filling up, the streets seem extra packed because the locals, if possible, headed out, due to the extremely hot summer, leading to what felt like an over population of the streets suddenly, but just a return to the norm.

Speaking of heat, we actually saw something fall from the sky that we didn’t recognize as it’s been so long, I think it’s called rain! The temperatures missed the triple digits for a few days in a row, leading many to believe maybe the worst is behind us! Yay.

Markets Back to School Too

Capital markets or maybe better said, capital market participants may also all be getting kids back in school as it’s been a fairly uneventful past few weeks. Not to despair that will all change when we get on the other side of the coming holiday which is still a few weeks away.

Today is a Friday and heading into the first weekend of school at least at our Homestead, enjoy, spend time with those that are special – Talk next week!

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