A Very Productive Week … Finishing Touches on Neat Holiday Party Venue … Continued Office Updates … First Travels of Late/Post Summer Next Week … Friday

Some weeks we like everyone feel like our wheels are stuck in mud and we just cannot get out of our own way….

Not this week –

For a late summer, pre-holiday weekend coming down the pike, we had a fantastic week that we were able to share with many of you personally and of course in this venue….

Needless to say the time to sleep from head hitting the pillows for all was very short ..haha

26th Annual Fantastic Holiday Party Neat Venue – Save the Date November 19th 2022 @ 2 pm

Shhhh we are putting the finishing touches (actually waiting for contracts) for our 26th Annual New Never Attended Venue for our Holiday Party!

Sneaky Venue Soon Known – Any Guesses?

Saturday BEFORE Thanksgiving afternoon – November 19th at 2 pm

More details soon! yay

More Spiff to the Office

As mentioned here in our Wall Street’s Angst in Bloated Inventories may be good for MANDATORY needs… we continue with minor updates in celebration of our New Half Decade Lease Commencement …

Post Summer Travels – Happily First of Many

Next week kicks off the first post/late summer travels, happily with many on the horizon as we enter the fall season…

Less hurried travels we might add due to the noted delays with flights …. Lemons into Lemon Aide anyone!

Ahh… today is a Friday heading into a pre-holiday and travels week – Enjoy – Talk next week, maybe even some lighter subjects for our collective reviews!

John A. Kvale CFA, CFP

Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

A Dallas Texas based fee only

Financial Planning Total Wealth

Management firm.



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