The Most and Least Livable Cities Globally … Light Viewing to Start the week … From Visual Capitalist …

From our favorite interesting facts website and friends, Visual Capitalists ….

While promising a lighter week last Friday, the month passed faster than thought, mandating our Monthly review mid week…. so a bit heavier than promised… with travels on the Docket this week and a Long Holiday Weekend… Friday will be light for sure!

But heck it is a Monday and this is a neat light start to the week…. while very quantitative, you need to be a very worldly person to have an opinion ….. no USA locations made the list!

From the Article ….

This map uses annual rankings from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU)

A Quick Note on Methodology

The ranking attempts to assess which cities across the globe provide the best living conditions, by assigning a score on 30 quantitative and qualitative measures across the five categories with the following weightings:

  1. Healthcare (20%)
  2. Culture & Environment (25%)
  3. Stability (25%)
  4. Education (10%)
  5. Infrastructure (20%)

Have a Great “Best and Worst Cities” Day!

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