Super Handy Computer Screenshot Feature … Friday

About a two years ago, the number one son (Pierce) after watching struggles on completing these posts, formatting problems incorrect file format….

“Want me to show you an easy way to get that chart into your post?”

Windows key, shift and S key all at the same time!

This puts your screen into a cropping copy mode and you just drag the mouse to what you want copied to the clipboard…

Looks like this … always use the crop mode, but in doing this post realized there is a lasso and full screen mode as well…


A huge time saver!

Used every week and often multiple times weekly and frequently all in the office use as well!

Known as the Pierce Screen secret!

Another break from the Financial “Stuff” All bets are off for next week…. Newsletter gets more words this weekend too!

Have a good day, Friday and Weekend – talk next week!

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