Finally Use of Electronic Wallet … Time Saver as Jogging season kicks in … Friday before week of Travels

It’s Friday …. How about a non-financial … fun education personal experience …. Let’s go!

With a challenge from several friends for a half Marathon in the fall (13.2 miles) the jogging arm band for the cell in order to listen the afore mentioned podcasts is in full motion.

Most joggers, present party included hate ANY type of pockets, or any items that would bounce/chafing as the jog continues….. aka no wallet or cash or credit card !

Post a jog … in a familiar place the front of the grocery line and without a form of payment…. A mandated new transaction was on (hunger over technology embarrassment)

Meet the Cell Phone Wallet

The growling stomach and the few fellow shoppers over the shoulder mandated a Wallet payment attempt…. yaa yaa probably a lot of you already know this, but I bet a few were similar and only put their boarding pass in their Wallet….

Looks like this:

You can put more than just boarding passes… i.e. Payment Cards…

Pick the one you use and push the phone towards the checkout device (luckily this was a feature…sure not all devices have this) a face or code is entered on the cell ….. and boom, transaction completed (at least that is what happened, was the first!)

Speaking of Boarding Passes… Next week Garners (Happily) mid-week travels…. but always tethered by electronics ….

Talk next week – some from afar- but still talk!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!

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