Fun Travel Helper for the Skies …. Best of all it is FREE … Flight Tracker …

No we are not going to review the TSA Throughput data…. although it is very hard not to… but we know we have beaten you over the head with it a few times… ya ya..

We are Nerds, but is is super interesting to us….

Ok, here is the last time we spoke of the latest TSA Throughputs and here is a list of the last….ahhhh …. TEN posts we have completed…told you we have hit you over the head a few… digressing…

Fun Neat Travel App – Flight Tracker

Here is the actual application – this is from Apple store

Here is where it gets neat:

Relative picking you up at the airport?

Late, On Time, Gate Change ?

Monitoring your flight ….Delayed?

Here it is!

Coming from a cold climate? Good to know, dress appropriately !

Tons and tons of other interesting, helpful stuff…. but think you get the point…

Have a Great “Handy Free Travel App” Day!

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