Income Tax Return/Information Reminders … Capital Market Comments … Spring Update (New fun back yard tracker) … Friday …

Personal Income Tax Reminder

Just a Friday reminder that we have a Green light to START our Tax returns but the first “Corrected” 1099’s have not hit the electronic airways YET ….

Those corrected rascals should show up the first full week of March…

If you only have a 1099 R – (Distributions from Qualified/Pension or the like assets) you are clear to move forward as they are rarely corrected due to their simplicity…

Capital Market Comments

After bludgeoning everyone with heavies early in the month … Economic review and the Zero Dated Options (ODTE’S) … we veered too far in an effort to keep from getting deep in the woods…. and said nothing of late…. ok… couple of quickie updates…

  • Contra (upward bounce) move likely over
  • More hot Economic numbers- Hot = Faster Economy
  • Federal Reserve Minutes saying more cowbell (rate increases) are needed for longer to slow the economy

All these mostly “Hot” (faster economic) data have led to weaker markets, higher interest rates, especially on the short end and expectations of no lowering of rates for a longer period of time…. Ahhh… all caught up now… Watch for more details in the End of the Month video next week….

oh I said it…. February is almost gone!

Today is a Friday heading into the last weekend of February…. March starts Tax stuff in full force, the beginning of the Newsletter and, how about Spring?

Our own back yard Punxsutawney Phil tree

Exactly seven days ago it looked like this…

Today we get this….

Not a lot of change, but more than the picture picks up as we have a sunless day today…hang tight …. soon I bet we have a different view!

Have a Great Friday, weekend – Talk Next Week!

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