How Much to Tip? Restaurant, Transportation, Hotel … Personal funny notes …

Break In – Jogging season has arrived in full force … tend to be chatty after a long jog, especially in the cool weather… funny personal stories … warned!

With the “Tax Month” aka April, almost over, a monthly video review coming your way, and travel season nearing….

Our friends at Visual Capitalist came through with a three part graph that we just could not pass up…


World Restaurants – How much to tip?

Funny personal story – while on a trip in one of the much lesser foreign tipping countries below….

Could not figure out why the great service at the bar …

Then bar tenders began fighting over our service as we rounded up, not only in a lesser tipping country, but a foreign misunderstood currency that was WAY too much… But … GREAT service for sure! ooops

Transportation – Taxi aka Lyft Uber

Another personal insight – The earlier or more unusual the time, the better the tip –

Running late and made it for sure a good tip (rare late arrival, but has happened)

Always a good tip, as any lost or left behind items seem to find its way back quickly – very frequent when the kids were younger!

Hotel Tips Protocol

As a family we try to always leave things nicer than the way we found them… especially in the individual owner world of Airbnb or VRBO —

Always leave a nice tip for everyone…again similar to transportation, the large numbers of power cords, video game accessories and “Unique” personal items that have made their way back more than compensate!

Told ya that jog makes for chatty! ha

Have a Great “Know Your Tip amount” Day!

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