Memorial Day Weekend … Debt Ceiling Fizzle (So Far, Fingers Crossed) … School’s Out … Extended Weekend Week …

With family, friends and a lot of contacts involved in the US Armed Services…. This time of the year have become more special as the year notches have occurred in the belt…

For all those in the Armed Services, fallen, retired from the forces, and any family of … or in any way near the US Armed Services…

Thank you for your service, we could not have what we do without you!

Debt Ceiling Fizzle

With worries front and center and lots of back in forth, for the most part the Debt Ceiling talks seem to have been handled orderly…. a lot going on behind the scenes (we listen every morning to contacts in Washington), but lots of contacts just wanting finality… without drama…

Hopefully that is what we will eventually get!

School is out – Well Almost!

The 15 year old is finishing two toughies (finals) as you receive this and hits the streets at the half way point today with the rest of the crew … the 18 year old DU headed Senior took several last night and only has two/three more for finality…so almost there…

Not sure about the rest of you….but time officially hits “Warp Speed Captain” (Star Trek) as soon as the gates of school close… Hang on!

Extending the Long Weekend

With a totally awkward summer schedule…. afore mentioned getting off to College … we are extending next week with the family…. Actually … two kids, two dogs and a cat for a bit...

Beverly Hillbillies anyone?

Oh…Watch out…with the time out of the office … the thinking cap usually gets going with the Newsletter in sight… Let’s go!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend and Schools Out Friday!

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