Nine Hours of Analysts – Family Announcement, College Bound.. Denver it is – Friday

While taking a bit of a breather this week… nine hours (three days of three one hour) comments from stately analysts were consumed…

Not to worry, we will not throw it all at you…but lots of notes, data points, economic information and really no big forecasts…. just observations and data… which makes it all the more interesting…

More to come for sure as we digest the fire hydrant of information!

Family Update – Denver it is!

While always respectful of the main line social media outlets (Facebook, Instagram etc…) and not wanting to get too close in similarity to them… We do like to share personal information occasionally and appreciate your comments and feedback…

The Eighteen year old (Sophia) committed to University of Denver (also known as DU- maybe I will figure that out eventually – as there were several others similar names that was of great interest- confused) this week…

With a nagging back injury, no tennis at this time… but maybe eventually, likely much less competitive…

Have a Happy Friday, Great Weekend and talk next week!

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