ES Tax Payment 2 for 2023 Due Next Week! Wow that was fast! … Cyber Reminder, The Summer Brings them out … Friday …

Every year this is the ES Payment that can easily slip by….

The reason is obvious in hindsight, but never as we cross the due date threshold…

It was only 60 days ago that we made our last payment….. Ahhhhhh

Electronic Payment of ES Taxes

Here is the IRS tax website link, which is very easy to make electronic estimated taxes. Be sure to follow the instructions carefully as there are a lot of different options for making payments to taxes, and be sure to carefully enter your personal information so the IRS knows it’s you.

We recommend you do this electronically if at all possible…. the mail is still having issues!

If you really need to pay via paper…

Here are the IRS ES Payment instructions pdf – the following Coupon is included in the instructions.

Cyber Reminder

Something about “Idle Minds….” Well, summer is in full force and so are the Cyber issues….

BE CAREFUL – Coming in the Newsletter – almost all Cyber problems come from a bad click…

Don’t Accidentally Clock on a bad link … Just Don’t Do it!

Have a Great Friday, Weekend and Talk Next Week!

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Founder of J.K. Financial, Inc.

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Financial Planning Total Wealth

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