Important Reminder of Holiday Next Monday June 19th 2023 … Money not to move … Bad Idea to move funds near a skeleton crew Summer Holiday…

Break In Reminder: Normally we post these types of reminders the week before, but being relative new, this one sneaked up on us…. Please take note of the timing of any money movement!

Monday June 19th, the relatively new holiday of Juneteenth occurs next Monday.

Summer harbors skeleton crews… tack on a New almost all honored National Holiday, Capital Market Closings, Government Offices Closing, Post office and banks….

Do not try to move money after today or tomorrow at the latest… it is just not a good idea!

Not everyone is completely honoring the Holiday, but our recommendation is if you are in one of the states that does not, it really does not matter as most do and thereby will greatly limit your ability to make financial transactions.

Source Pew Research

Have a Great “Holiday Planning and Reminder” Day!

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