AI – It is cool, but maybe not THAT cool! Temper that Enthusiasm….

Surprisingly, our first straight forward AI – Artificial Intelligence post was here, in 2017

Wow… time either flies or we were on the cutting edge… likely the former!

We use it daily….It is super helpful, and likely will change much of the future direction of technology, many industries ….

Let’s not get too carried away though…

AI gets jiggy or at least many think so – Follow the REAL Revenues

Our most recent article here … just shy of 60 days ago, sported a reminder to follow the revenues and not get caught in the hype….

When that article was written, it was one of the latest from our buddies at Visual Capitalist… there are not frequent pertinent articles on subject matter…. there are now seven more… hmmmm

Google Worldwide Search Trends “AI”

Vivid memories of 1999 thinking to myself:

“Those old guys do not know what they are doing, dot com is the bomb and will change the world!” …

It did, but not nearly as broadly or fast as expected and with a HUGE number of casualties along the way!

Have a Great “Keeping AI Real” Day!

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