First Day of Summer Welcomed By a Broken Air Conditioner … Newsletter Complete, Well Almost …

Wednesday, June 21, 2023 was the first Day of Summer also known as the solstice… And also the day of reckoning for our AC – Cannot make it up!

Yea… the days start getting shorter, but here in the Southern part of the US, the temperatures usually continue to rise… the have been pretty hot already…

For a bit of humor, heading into your weekend a funny story on the home front…

AC Gives Up the Ghost Wednesday Morning

A 4 AM toss … turns into a wake up .. that turns into an “Uh Oh” as the temperature seemed very warm for the offsprings’ night liking …

Yep, 4 degrees higher than the Thermostat…. “Maybe, just maybe someone sleep walked and messed with it!” Hopeful or maybe wishful thinking…. NOPE – On hour later, it was 5 degrees warmer than the setting…eeekk

Stories of growing up on a farm and handling much warmer times were met with deaf ears as the AC repair could not occur until yesterday afternoon…. along with an adventurous overnight hotel stay….

We are still family of course, but the inner family friendship was tested…

Greater appreciation for modern day convenience’s and the quant coziness of our Tudor home abound… Lemonade from Lemons?

Newsletter is complete

But not edited yet. and while complicated in articles that thread together, we hope you like it…. Can you believe the mid-point of the year is almost here already?

Given the complication, a longer Video is likely, not to worry we will keep the video stable and make sure the focus is clear… All kidding aside, the Video will be helpful as the Newsletter is rather complicated…

Have a Great Friday, Give your Air Conditioner a pat on the back of appreciation, talk next week!

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