Our friend Peter Zeihan Explains the Latest Geopolitics, Russia and Ukraine … 500k Followers and 1 Million Views in less than 24 hours …

In a continuance somewhat of a “Behind the Scenes” Look at how we stay up to date on items… We go back to our Friend Peter Zeihan

After a fun (AC experience included), but totally exhausting week, a sleepy Saturday morning garnered a comment from the 15 year old “Did you hear about the Russian conflict?” A very interesting super popular video game (Rise of Nations), one which there are plans to review later this summer, brought this to his attention….

For the record, much of the success in “Staying Up to Date” on these items is finding a trusted source … the reporters out there (yes we have followers that are reporters) you are probably saying Duh to this… but we are learning on the job!

One quick call out that was just discovered, Peter has 500k Followers and this series garnered over 1 million views in less than 24 hours… probably lots more by the time this hits your in-box… of course, just large numbers do not always mean competence, but we have run across Peter in multiple vetted venues, hence our comfort with his competency and accuracy!


Peter Zeihan Cuts to the Chase in 20 Minutes

Part 1 – 12 Minutes – The Coup

Part 2 – 5 Minutes – The Propaganda

Part 3 – 6 Minutes – Russia Global Footprint

Best of all, Peter’s YouTube channel is free (not to worry he is doing fine based on those viewed numbers-thankfully) to those who take the time to listen, like us!

Part 4 – 9 Minutes – The Psych – Very good information about Putin near end of

Added Part 4 just before sending to you guys – if more informative ones come, will let you know!

Have a great “Geopolitical Informed” Day!

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