AI Explained in Simple Terms … Managing the Hype a bit … Conclusions from Explanation …

Whew … the fascination, hype (over hype), popularity and sexy coolness factor of Artificial Intelligence aka AI is astounding… Maybe getting over done here… Let’s bring this back down to Earth with the following simple Explanation ….

Heck, earlier this week, see below an AI Assistant popped up here on our WordPress blog platform…

Oh, by the way in less than 10 minutes ran this by the Mrs. and the graduating 18 year old, 15 year old techie was still asleep, and they got it … Hopefully can keep this short and simple here in words!

AI – Artificial Intelligence Today explained

Program assigns a number to all the words in the English Language – other languages too of course.

Cluster of huge computers located somewhere inexpensive scans everything it can get its eyes on, and tags the patterns of the numbers from the words it has scanned…

Not kidding, this is it!

Type in a question on an AI platform? Computer checks its numerical patterns from huge above, and gives you an answer!

Inferred Limitation

Original Content – By definition, it can only be a repeat of a pattern answer, nothing new and original, but put together parts from prior information…sure some may argue here… YES AI created this picture!

Huge Advantage

Repeatable, structured tasks… Think data entry, non creative programming, redundant tasks!

And that is it…. Wonderful possibilities, great time saver, will effect a lot of people, but hold on… Not going to solve all the worlds problems! Hoping for funny “Back to Earth” sarcasm here!

Have a Great “AI Explained” Day!

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